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The Barefoot College sent French and Canadian photographer and filmmaker Varial* to document the lives of 15 indigenous women from 5 countries in Latin America throughout the electrification process: preparing to leave for this incredible journey, a 6-month training period in India, returning to their communities and electrifying more than 100 homes. The majority of the communities are indigenous and several have survived persecution and genocide with the majority of survivors currently living an impoverished existence. 


DOÑA LUZ - Stories of Latin America Solar Mamas

tells the story not only of forgotten people, survivors of genocide, victims of oil exploitation and marginalized communities, but also of ambassadors of faith and courage.



is available in 3 languages, English, Spanish and French.

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Category : Education, History, Arts & Photography Books

8×10 in, 20×25 cm, 290 pages

18 chapters, 290 photographs

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18 Photographs have been curated and selected to create a unique collection of limited and signed Archival Prints framed on Dibond.

Prices start at 200$





With a couple of years of work and many miles of experience from the confines of Mexico, the ancient Mayan areas of Guatemala, the Pacific coast of El Salvador, the idyllic magic of Belize or the deep beauty of the Amazon in Ecuador, emerged the idea of ​​this book.

Doña Luz is the story of those rural women -a treasure of the land and connectors with nature- who bet everything on a trip to India, and an opportunity with Barefoot College that would not solve all their problems, but give them light to change the way of living and face passage through this planet.

Doña Luz, and the work that is documented in this book, is a tribute to the protagonists of the book and to all the women, families and communities that today are part of Barefoot College. This work is a commitment to Latin America and its indigenous women. Through the social changes they generate and the ecosystems of natural wealth to which they belong, they are the greatest hope of a region that seeks to regain its place in the world, after 530 years of survival.

Welcome to this rural world, to a Latin America splendid with nature, prolific of human beings full of goodness, gasping for new airs, embraced by small achievements and confused, tired and with hearts beating before an uncertain future.

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